E-Business Plan

E-Business Plan

Exclusive Summary

This report is aims to develop an e-Business plan for Pet Heaven who are going to selling organic pet food and accessories for pets online for the private customer sector within New Zealand range.

In the findings of the report, the team identified that the opportunity of Pet food business environment for online business is far better than the traditional business environment; therefore, it is key to have a well-designed online business for the future development. Meanwhile, Pet Heaven should emphasis the concept of the Organic Pet food and provides education sector regards to how to train the pet to gain customers satisfaction and loyalty. In this case, the price of the organic pet food should keep up to a standard to ensure the customer receive the high-end Pet foods and services.

In terms of the website design, we believe that Pet Heaven should out source to the professional web site developer TERABYTE to build the website rather than DIY (Do it yourself) it. Since the online business is going to be the backbone of Pet Heaven business strategy, the website will be the only storefront to present to customers, therefore, the better designed of the web page will attract more customer to shopping on Pet Heaven.

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David Sutton is the founder of “Pet Heaven” and he is a pet lover as well, since he is aware of that was so hard to get a quality pet food to animals, he decided to launch a business which is provided the organic pet food to the vets clinic and private customer.

So the first main parts of this report will illustrate the macro environment of New Zealand Pet Food industry. Compare the on-line and traditional pet food brands in local market, in order to see the opportunity of organic pet food products.

Secondly will analysis the target audience and the 4P strategy of the “Pet Heaven” Company. Find out who are the potential customers how to cater to their needs and making them...

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