E Cigarettes

E Cigarettes

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E-cigarettes for some is considered the new way to gain pleasure without all the risk. FDA and other government officials still have not determined the safety of these cigarettes. My paper shows the various ethical theories used by those on both sides of the debate.

E. Cigarettes contain a cartridge of nicotine that releases an inhaleable vapor, no odor or smoke: marketed as a safer alternative to tobacco- lung choking tar and cancer causing carcinogens. This statement has generated a debate taking place among smokers and nonsmokers across the country. China, the largest manufacturer of E- cigarettes is leading the debate.
Cigarettes’ and its ingredients have always been a topic worthy of ethical and moral debating. Prior to the commercial rolling of cigarettes, the tobacco used in cigarettes was picked by slaves in Virginia back in the eighteen hundreds: back breaking labor, long hours and of course no pay for their labor. I can go into a moral debate about slavery; however that is not the purpose of this paper. Slavery is a part of this nation’s ugly past that unfortunately time will never heal its effects. Wounds will always be open, and the topic misunderstood by many. I would however be amiss if I did not give some history of tobacco use in cigarettes and it’s controversy from the beginning.
Cigarette smokers over the years have been “discriminated against “according to cigarette smokers. In California, a smoker’s ability to smoke in public places has been greatly reduced: no smoking in public places such as restaurants, stores, businesses, and basically any place indoors smoking is not allowed. Employer’s have put moral clauses into employment contracts stating if you work for them and smoke, you must quit or cannot be seen smoking in public: smoke inside your home or be fired. Other employers prohibit employees from smoking in front of their establishments. They are forced to the back of the building out of site of potential...

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