E Learning Blueprint 2001 and Beyond

E Learning Blueprint 2001 and Beyond

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E Learning Blueprint 2001 and Beyond
Business Requirements

XYZ Company is a recognized leader in the financial industry as a company that specializes in co-branding with major corporations worldwide. In order to continue to provide outstanding service to our clients and cardholders, retain a leadership position in our business, and provide a superior return to our shareholders, XYZ Company must be able to quickly launch new products and rapidly train their representatives to service them. In the age of just-in-time production, just in time training is a critical element to our success.

Operating expenses are soaring at the same rate of revenue. Costs of unproductive time are increasing. Today’s workforce will not remain loyal to a company if the basic needs are not met. Today’s learners want it quick, easy, and visual, they do not want to remember previous knowledge. An executive partnership was created with the Operations Training, Call Center, and Technologies Departments to provide the foundation for a comprehensive, results-driven, and total e-learning solution. The selected vendor, Digitalthink offers a highly scalable and flexible E-Learning Platform with minimal technology requirements. Executive sponsor has approved initial funding of $250,000 for course development, process development, initial training rollout, and connectivity. Desktop hardware will be department charged to departmental budgets and documented by this project team to demonstrate overall bottom line costs. A budget is currently being developed to determine on-going financial considerations for the successful transition to the e-learning deployment.

The following tangible deliverables will be produced by this project:
• Executive Summary.
• Business Systems Analysis Report.
• Business Systems Design Report.
• Test Plans.
• Opportunity Log for Test.
• Issues Log of Test.
• Issues Log.
• MIS Reports.
• Customer analysis.
• Process Maps....

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