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E*Trade is an online transaction broker; it allows people to complete transactions, invest funds through its security program and financial advisors. It provides an American service for US residents, a Canadian for its citizens and a Global service for the world wide community.

-Trading & Investing
It provides easy cash management tools including initial checks and bill pay, advisors to help with asset allocation strategy, invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and advanced functionality for active traders. It also offers sending funds from an account to another in a quick, easy and convenient way.

-Active Trading
E*Trade offers advanced, no-fee active trade platforms, direct access for stocks, and advanced technical studies and guides. It also offers specialized team of experts.

-Global Trading
Offers its customers direct online trading with 6 Global markets including; Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and UK. It also seizes international growth opportunities.

E*Trade offers its customers a retirement account which will allow them to take control assets from and employer sponsored retirement plan. Some of the features of this account are that there are no fees on applying for it, no current tax penalty and offers flexibility to roll over to another company plan.

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