I'M Just Here to Read, Enjoy a Worksheet

I'M Just Here to Read, Enjoy a Worksheet

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A Boy’s Life Study Guide
About the Novel
A. Robert McCammon’s usual genre is horror, but A Boy’s Life has been called a fantasy and a “fictography.” What is a fictography?

B. What is a major theme of the novel?

1. Describe in a few words the following characters:


Davy Ray


Old Moses

Vernon Thaxter

2. What was the Easter ritual involving Old Moses and the Lady?

3. What was Dr. Lezander’s “unofficial” job at the church on Sunday?

4. Who were the Glass sisters and what was their Sunday “job”?

What was peculiar about them?

5. Who was Brenda Sutley? In what ways did she torment Cory?

6. Gotha and Gordo Branlin were little devils. How did they make Cory
their target at church that Easter Sunday?

6a. What event cleared the church that Easter before Rev. Lovoy had
finished his sermon?

7. Describe how Cory’s bike died and what was done with it.

8. Why did Cory say that Mr. Sculley understood the very nucleus of

9. What item did Mr. Sculley show Cory and his dad?

10. What happened during the flood to cause Cory to prove his courage
to himself?

11. When Cory and his mom went to see the Lady upon her request , what
did she tell Mrs. Mackenson in private about those on “the other side”?

12. When Cory received the bike from Lady, what did he name it and how
did it help him?

13. Who was Jaybird and what incident caused Cory to lose some respect
for him?

14. Why was Nemo a pathetic character?

15. What happened on the boys’ camping trip?

16. What did Reverend Blessett mean when he said,”This incessant
squallin’ must cease!”?j

17. How did Owen Cathcoate prove himself at the end of the story? What
was his...

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