I Am Ugly

I Am Ugly

How to Escape from a Bad Date
Purpose and Audience
1. Do the authors expect their advice to be taken seriously? How do you know?

The authors do not expect their advice to be take seriously because tongue in cheek advice that are not intended to be followed as mentioned in the background.

2. What purpose do visuals serve in instructions? What purpose do the visuals serve in this selection?

In general, visuals are used to act as a template for the viewer to follow. Visuals guide us and give the viewer an idea how something should work. Although visuals serve a practical use, they are added to this essay to provide humor by depicting raunchy situations.

3. What thesis is implied in this set of instructions? Write a sentence that could serve as the thesis statement. Should such a statement be added?

The instructions are implying that you must be swift and stealthy in order to escape. You must go to far lengths to flee from your date. No, a statement such as the one above does not need to be added because it is apparent that you need to escape at all costs with swiftness.

4. Is the intended audience of this selection men, women, or both? How can you tell?

The authors directed this set of instructions towards women. It is clear that is directed at women because the authors mention that the date as “he,’ some of the instructions include removing or adding different kinds of make-up, and using certain part of clothing to disguise your figure.

5. The writers never define what they mean by a “bad date.” Why not?

The writers never defined a bad date because a bad date can have various factors to have gone wrong. Their thoughts of a bad date may differ from the viewer.

Journal Entry #3: Think about a situation that you wanted to “escape” from but couldn’t. Which of the strategies presented here might have been useful to you?

Journal Entry #3
Have been caught in a wide range of situations, I’ve come across many in which I...

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