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Final Exam Study Guide
English Watching, Listening & Speaking
When: Week 14 (Dec. 7-11)

The exam will be 30% of your final grade. Questions will be multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, True/False, matching, and short answer. You should know all of the vocabulary/phrases. All of the vocabulary is from activities that we’ve done in the classroom. But all of them might not be on the test. There will be two or three listening activities during the exam. To study you can look at class notes and do listening activities from the book.

Textbook: celebrity double, hair salon, hazel-colored, trophy, impulsive
Point of View: point of view, diverse, generalization, nonverbal communication, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, personal space
Community Life: community, neighbor, courteous, hospitable
Halloween: Freak, Geek, Puke/barf, muffler, hippie, goofy, bionic, bonfire
Family: Devil’s Advocate, gay/homosexual(s)/homosexuality
Love & Romance: Cherish, Courageous, Court, Embrace, Enchant, Rapture, Long/yearn for, Proposed, Engaged, Romantic gesture, Lovesick
PoV/Expressing Opinions: spunk, transplant, side effects, cut back, dosage, sitcoms, dramas, superficial
Environment: exhaust, sewage, litter, disposable, coal

Textbook: “make good money”, “just for fun”, “be a good listener”, “Not all that …”, “It’s all about …”, “What are friends for?”, “Got it”
Point of View: “standing in their shoes”
Community Life: “Good fences make good neighbors”
Halloween: “On thin ice”, “Trick-or-treat”,
Family: “Don’t give up”, “Slow and steady wins the race”, “Always have a plan B”, “Don’t do anything you know is stupid”, “Have fun living every day”, “Whatever you do, I would(n’t) …”, “If I were in your shoes I’d …”, “The ties that bind”
Love & Romance: “She’s taken”, “He’s off the market”, “He dumped her”, “They split up”, “She made a pass at him”, “He flirted with her”, “He/She got stood up”, “You’re not my type”, “I am walking on air”,...

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