I Wanna Be Forever Young

I Wanna Be Forever Young

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I'm just like every other girl, I had my first crush when I was at least 7 or 8. Then I fall in love (which I thought I was but the truth is that, I'm just in love with the idea of being in love) and later on fall out of it. Then I love again (and this time I am sure I was) but everything just didn't go well. I think that's really what life is. It's more of a cycle and it's all up to you to make the best out of it.

I always thought crushes are cute, especially when you are young. Maybe because when you are younger, one hello from your crush can make you're heart beats so much faster and then that's it, (congratulations! because he just made your day!) Being young is funny but fun. You made mistakes, you've been selfish, you've been insensitive, you've been wronged. But that won't make you less of a person, it just proved that you're normal. Looking back, we can't help but regret doing all those crazy things we've done but trust me, all those things will make you laugh whenever you get to remember it someday.

Then, there comes you're first love. I always hear people say "First love never dies", but I beg to disagree. I think it's more of a reminder of blurred memories. It's like seeing your uniform when you were in elementary and many memories just flooded in in your brain -- mostly good ones then bang! You wanted to be on that exact same place again because you missed it so much, you missed the fun, you missed the excitement that it brings to you. I'm not saying that first love isn't true, all I am saying is that we people are mostly sentimental about "firsts". Maybe because "firsts" are so memorable and we're all sucker of good memories.

When you learn to love, you have to be ready for all the consequences. Loving doesn't guarantee a life full of happiness but loving is good, it really is. It might be complicated, but it's something we cannot learned. It just happened. Remember when you were little? Your parents...

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