I Want You to Hold

I Want You to Hold

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Sometimes I feel like I can do anything.... Like the sky is the limit...
After the day dies down I can't think of a way to bring me up in it..
Sometimes I wish that I could disappear just for an hour or two.
Kick my feet up and close my eyes and drift off into dreamland...
Oh how easy it would be to just have a little time alone...
And oh how lonely I would because even though I want to be alone
I want you to hold...

When the world is crashing down and everything starts spinning all around
It's only when I'm with you that I'm happy.
Can't stand the thought of life without you
I just wouldn't know what to do
Oh how easy it would be to be lonely

Now I know it's not easy and I know how rough it can be
But I still want you here holding me
And I know you a long way away but I swear I will stay
Hear waiting for you

Things will be rough and things will be tough
With you by my side we’ll make it through
Cause I know how lonely it can be
When your not here holding me
All I have to do is close my eyes and wait for you
So glad to be your wife I’ll wait for the rest of my life
Just to be back in your arms.

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