J. Cole

J. Cole

Music is a big part of my life. Hip Hop is my favorite genre of music.
I’ve always loved to listen to music but I became quite fond of it about my sophomore year in high school. Everyone knows about the artists that get played on the radio or hats on television but as I have grown I have learned that there are artists that are trying to make it in the music industry but just haven’t been discovered yet. That’s when I stumbled upon a rapper by the name of J. Cole. I can really relate to him as a rapper as well as his life. Though he isn’t a big time artist yet, he is on the way.

Jermaine Lamarr Cole, better known as his stage name J. Cole, is a rapper and producer. Cole is originally from Frankfert, Germany, but moved to Fayettville, NC at a young age where he was raised by his mother. He was inspired to rap by his older cousin at the age of 12. His influences were Nas, Tupac , and Eminem which is probably the reason that he developed a style of telling stories in his music. By the age f 15 J. Cole had notebooks of lyrics but no beats of his own to record them on so he worked two jobs in order to be able to by himself a beat machine so that he can produce music himself. At the age f 17 he was releasing mixtapes on the internet goin by the name “Therepist”.

Cole was the captin of his high school basketball team and often reminisces of his junior year when he didn’t make the team in his music. He worked hard that summer and made his way to the captin his senior year and relates that to his rap career. He was pasted by by a lot of record lables early in his discovery but used that as a flame to light his torch of success and is now a member of the lable of considerably the greatest rapper ever, Sean Carter, better known as Jay-Z.

Though Cole is living out his dream right now as an up and coming rapper his road to get there wasn’t easy. Cole felt that he should have been signed since the age of 15 but I guess record lables didn’t feel the same way. After he...

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