L'Eddie Izzard Talentueux!

L'Eddie Izzard Talentueux!

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L’Eddie Izzard Talentueux!

Eddie Izzard is a truly talented comedian. From his stand-up to his films, he has a very distinct sense of humor. Izzard had a slow and unusual start to his career. For most of the 80’s, he worked as a street performer in the U.K. His job included riding a unicycle and escaping from handcuffs. He eventually gained recognition in the early 90’s.

In 1993, Eddie went to West End with his first show, Live at the Ambassadors. This earned him an Olivier Award nomination for outstanding achievement and won him a British Comedy Award for top outstanding comedian. The next year, he returned with Unrepeatable, his second show. Unrepeatable had a seven-week run and was sold out within a week. Two years later, he performed his third show, Definite Article, which won him his second British Comedy Award. Eddie took Definite Article to big cities outside the UK, including New York, and he returned to West End with a new show, Glorious. In 1998, Eddie performed his fifth show, Dress to Kill, which was performed only once for charity. It was promoted by Robin Williams and seen by celebrities such as Steve Martin and Madonna. By 2000, Eddie was touring the world with his sixth live show, Circle. Now, twenty-one years since he was a juggling street performer, Eddie has brought his latest stand-up, Stripped, to a close. The tour began on March 16th, and toured the States until December 23rd.

Eddie’s comedic style is expressed through his whimsical monologues. He never scripts his shows, and because of his dyslexia, his mind is filled with many odd, random ideas. He uses a lot of characters in his stand-ups. They include Mrs. Badcrumble (his childhood piano teacher), the president of Burundi, a make-up loving squirrel, and Paul…(Saint, apparently). He uses three distinct voices in his shows: Mrs. Badcrumble, Sean Connery for many characters, and James Mason as God and Julius Caesar. His shows have a lot of world history, especially in...