N/a the Mystery Behind These 2 Letters

N/a the Mystery Behind These 2 Letters

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Specification: Draw String Bag

1. The bag is going to be a white bag with a 2 strings coming out of the top, one going left and one going right. It will also have a Manchester United logo in the middle using sublimation and my name will be sewed into the corner in the bottom of the bag. Inside it will have two extra pockets, one for an iPod and one for a phone.

2. The bag is going to be made big enough to hold a psp, a phone and an iPod.

3. Its function is to hold a psp, a phone and an iPod securely and comfortably so that I can hold them all together without any strain of having to hold them separately.

4. If the product was put on the market it would merely cost £0.50.

5. The bag is going to be used if I go travelling somewhere and was not taking much luggage and so the bag could hold my electronic items e.g. iPod, psp etc.

6. People from around about the age of 8-old should use this product as they are the population which usually have electronic things that need carrying around.

7. The product, as said before, could be used by me when I am travelling. The product can also be held in the hand.

8. The product would be very safe seeing as there are no sharp edges on the product and will be made with no dangerous chemicals.

9. The product will be made of polyester.

10. The product is being made for me as I need a bag to carry my iPod, psp and phone all at the same time.

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