O. Management

O. Management

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1. Dell's approach to personal computer manufacturing is to use a product focus, which gives the company its low-cost competitive advantage.
False (Global company profile, easy)

2. A firm's process strategy is its approach to transforming resources into goods and services.
True (Introduction, easy)

3. Intermittent processes are organized around processes.
True (Four process strategies, easy)

4. In process-focused facilities, equipment utilization is low.
True (Four process strategies, moderate)

5. The typical full-service restaurant uses a product-focused process.
False (Four process strategies, moderate)

6. Harley-Davidson, because it has so many possible combinations of products, utilizes the process strategy of mass customization.
False (Four process strategies, moderate)

7. Flexibility is important in repetitive focus plants and product focus plants.
True (Four process strategies, moderate)

8. The assembly line is a classic example of a repetitive process.
True (Four process strategies, easy)

9. One essential ingredient of mass customization is modular design.
True (Four process strategies, moderate)

10. The tool that calculates which process has the lowest cost at any specified production volume is a crossover chart.
True (Four process strategies, moderate)

11. The term focused processes refers to the quest for increased efficiency, whether in goods or services, that results from specialization.
True (Four process strategies, moderate)

12. Service blueprinting is a process analysis technique that focuses on the customer and the provider's interaction with the customer.
True (Process analysis and design, moderate)

13. Value Stream Mapping is the analysis of where value is added in the production process within a facility.
False (Process analysis and design, moderate)

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