P.E - Mass Media

P.E - Mass Media

10,000 Steps

To get people around the country to do at least 10,000 steps a day, because the world is continually building in the amount of technology being used people are becoming less and less active.
They give some idea like:
• Walk and talk with a colleague instead of emailing
• Parking the car further away from the entrance to shops
• Walk to the corner store for milk and the paper
People will need to get hold of a pedometer to be able to participate in this campaign.
Studies have shown that suggesting the 10,000 steps gets people more active than a ‘30 minute walk a day’.
People are meant to follow this as a guide used with conjunction with the NPAG.
The target audience is based on Queensland because this is where its promoted but it is also targeted for the whole nation.
According to the statistics that people have been sending of their daily walks, the campaign is having a very good positive effect.

Go for 2 & 5
To get adults to eat at least 2 fruits and 5 vegetables per day. It is proven that adults do not eat enough of their fruit and veggies. The government launched $4.76 million on the promotional side of the initiative.
There is proof that without following these requirements you run the risk of getting:
• Coronary heart disease
• Some forms of cancer
• Overweight and Obesity
• Constipation
Crunch&Sip is another program they run for school children to encourage the consumption of fruit and drinking of water.
The main audience is all of Australia it is promoted nationally over television with a range of different ads.

Get Moving
To get everyone active for at least 1hour a day. Getting people to be active to improve their life and there are many benefits:
• Enjoy the outdoors with friends and make new ones
• It can improve you fitness, flexibility, bone and muscle strength and the health of your heart
• It reduces stress and can help you relax
When studies were conducted about...

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