P&G Vizir Launch

P&G Vizir Launch

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A.   At time of Vizir Luanch, What were P&G’s approach to strategy and structure for its international operations in Europe? Evaluate these approaches, Discuss their strengths and weaknesses. (8 points)
B.    Suppose you were asked by the CEO in Cincinnati to recommend changes in P&G’s European strategy and structure.  What changes would you recommend to correct the weakness discussed above and why? Alternatively, do you think P&G should stay with its present approaches, and if so, why (8 points)

C. What kind of staffing strategy would you recommend? Explain?

The Vizir Project
1. HDL Segment: Lever-Era
2. Incentive
a. Liquids
b. low-temperature wash
c. Plant capacity
3. Customer test of ERA: poor
d. Performance and form
e. Competitor: enzymes, bleach
f. P&G Liquids: enzymes, bleach X BeoF liquids
4. Overcoming
g. Patent a method (enzyme in liquid)
h. Bleach at lower temperature
i. Result of this, win against powder.
5. HDL brand group in Germany: Wolfgang, ad manager
6. Colgate withdraw Axion even though the success of test market
7. P&G Breakthrough
j. Fatty acid- water softening performance
k. Suds suppressant: functioning well in drum machine
l. Patented anticorrosion ingredient
m. + aesthetics: perfume
8. Competitor: new Persil P&G win (53:47) france(58:42)
9. Full scale test market:
n. Brand VIZIR
o. Ad agency (Grey)
p. Designing package
q. Analyzing Mass consumer market data
10. Financial Status
r. Capital 350,00016M payout 3y (4% M/S)
s. European Wide launch: 5~6 times

11. Vizir Launch Decision
t. now in Germany vs. more test market
12. Vizir positioning issue
u. Superior cleaning performance (greasy stain / Low temp)
v. Cannibalization Ariel sales (P&G powder)
w. German Brand group: Vizir mainwash...

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