Y Yoga

Y Yoga

Subject Matter: Y Yoga

What I have learned about life long wellness from watching the video, Y yoga and in class thus far, is breathing and relaxing techniques. Also the different pose. These poses stretch the different muscles in your body. Learning the benefit to using them and paying attention to my body more.

By taking one day at a time I have been able to apply what I have learned in my life long wellness. I have been able to relax my face. This has helped me to relax my whole body better. I can go from a gentle pose to a harder pose easier.

How I will apply this information to my life is by relaxing myself with the breathing and meditation. This has helped me with thinking positive about myself. I have started implementing Yoga into my routine every day. This will help not only with physical health by making my range of flexibility better, but it will help with my emotional well being as well. By using this information it has helped with all types of stress and anxiety. I have noticed if I apply this every day, I can get through the day, easier. It helps me to be able to cope with everyday problems easier.

I plan to continue doing yoga after this class and exercising every day. I have planned to make time for myself everyday with the relaxing and the breathing exercises. It will help me every day with the challenges that may come my way. I feel if I do not apply what I have learned; my anxiety and stress will be out of control. Yoga gives me more control over my life.

My strength level is increasing with each day. I like the way I feel after I a yoga work out. It makes me feel good.

What I got out of this video and class is with the breathing and relaxing of yoga I can deal with everyday life easier. I have found that it helps with anxiety whether it is a test or just life. This video and class has been a comfort to me. It has helped my emotional and physical needs. The poses have helped with different parts of my body. I have...

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