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Audelt Education

Audelt Education

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As the world of work becomes more complex, many workers need training to avoid losing their jobs or being passed over for promotion.
We all know humans begin learning at birth and generally continue this process throughout life, but how much is learned and the value of that knowledge varies greatly from the individuals. I believed adult learning and its value has varied greatly among individuals and groups. In the past, many people considered formal education and learning beyond age fifty of little value to society given the limited life span to use such knowledge. Many individuals might have considered such pursuit of knowledge as self-centered at best and viewed work beyond age sixty or sixty-five as unwarranted unless financial considerations dictated otherwise. Adult learning may have cited various reasons such as illness, genetic longevity, environment, ethnic differences, and individual habits as limiting the career and thus restricting the need for learning.

Many of these attitudes were linked to a study by Moody (as cited in Lowy and O'Connor, 1986) suggesting that older adults perceive learning from the vantage point of approximately how much time is left to live. Although never exact, this perspective of time dramatically influences the educational goals of the older adult.
World is changing demographic situation of the developed world, there has en a focus on the concept of lifelong learning, where people learning every day for their needs or save job or life. In this case adult learning is very importance for changing the world.

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