Samanta Garcia
Professor anthony

The Fight Between Beowulf and Evil

At night, Grendel breaks into the Herot Hall and kills a Geatish warrior. Then, Grendel tries to attack Beowulf and Beowulf fights him back aggressively. Grendel is amazed and surprised by the power of Beowulf and he decides to run back to the swamplands. However, Beowulf grips his hands and wrestles him down. Finally, Beowulf rips Grendel's arm out of its socket. An injured Grendel runs back to the swamps to die. Beowulf hangs the arm in the wall of Herot as a display of his victory. At night, the warriors go to sleep unaware of the danger surrounding them.

Grendel's mother attacks the warriors in order to retaliate for her son. She seizes Hrothgar's trusted advisor, Aeschere. The warriors attack Grendel's mother and she panics and decides to flee carrying Aeschere with her. When Beowulf hears about her attack, he decides to go fight Grendel's mother. Beowulf swims to the bottom of the lake when he gets attacked by Grendel's mother. She drags him to her area where sea monsters bite him. His armor protected him, but he was hurting a lot. He used the sword which was given to him by Unferth, but that did not hurt Grendel's mother. The fight continues until Beowulf saw a sword hanging on the wall. He grabbed the sword and hits her neck, killing her. He became a hero again for the second time.

Beowulf displayed an Anglo-Saxon idea of fate. Basically, he thought of himself as heroic and then he acted upon it. Beowulf also showed other values and ideals such as competition and keeping the values of the code of honor. For a long time, Beowulf claimed that he came to fight the evil because it is the right thing to do. However, we find out that Beowulf is also driven by the fact that he wanted to discharge his father's debt to Hrothgar. Basically, his father killed a member of the Wulfing tribe. In summary, the reasons Beowulf fought the evil are to fight...