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Big Brother

Big Brother

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1. “Big Brother” could have a social impact that could go two different ways. One side of the spectrum could be that citizens of America might not like being watched on camera as they do there day to day activities. It could be viewed as an invasion of privacy and could have valid arguments to protest such a technology. The other side of the spectrum could be that Americans would welcome and applaud such an action to maximize the safety and security of our friends and family. Whether it be a local criminal or a terrorist from overseas, any act will be caught on a video feed and reported to the proper authorities. I personally would have a sense of security from the installation of the cameras nationwide.
From a economic perspective there are many avenues to explore. For one the installation of such cameras would create jobs for Americans, and would in turn improve our economic situation. Another angle to look at this is that it would actually put money back into the pockets of Americans due to the fact that crime rates would fall, and that could prove to be on a monumental scale. Another factor could be the use of the camera system to provide live time feeds to EMS, Firefighters, and traffic controllers as well. The response times would decrease and departments could efficiently respond.

2. The possible social impact of having cameras in public places is the grey area between black and white. Yes it could prove to be beneficial, but not everyone is going to agree to being watched on camera like the Real World on MTV, or some reality show. There is going to come very valid arguments against the installation of the camera system. But the again there are going to be supportive arguments in favor of them as well. This is going to be a situation where we ask ourselves, does the good outweigh the loss of privacy? Are we actually going to feel that much safer? I for one would be in favor of Big Brother. I think that it is a great idea, and crime and terrorism on...

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