Chinse Business

Chinse Business

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Case Answers
1. An organization's control system should prevent the situation from escalating and causing serious damage to the image of the company. It should also make sure that products are safe to use to the fullest extent possible and if products CAN be hazardous in any specific situation, they should put that on the labels of their products or don't bother producing them in the first place. Only harm can come from a serious lack of safety and quality controls, such as Bausch and Lomb have displayed.
In this case, I would have suggested to permanently recall all ReNu With MiosutureLoc products and do everything to make sure this never happens again. In this case, all that Bausch and Lomb can do is admit that their product failed and settle any incoming lawsuit, because they know they are wrong.

2. No, they did not do enough. First of all, they should have extensively tested the product, if they did, they would have found out that people would get eye infections from their product. They should improve their control system so that it increases the percentage of safety to use levels and quality levels to 99 %. Products that contain certain chemicals can never be a 100 % safe, but companies should be responsible for manufacturing products, which are close to that 100 %. This company should do more testing; spend more on safety controls and quality controls to make better products in the long term. It could have also used benchmarking to see how its competitors deal with safety measures and regulations. It could have also done more extensive research in the side effects of certain chemicals on humans and they should have had a deeper understanding about the eye by reading previous test/research publications.

3. Managers can implement controls before an activity begins, during the time the activity is going on, and after the activity has been completed.
I. Feedforward Control: The most desirable type of control- feedforward control- prevents...

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