Feasibility Study: Temporary Assistance for Needy Family

Feasibility Study: Temporary Assistance for Needy Family

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A Feasibility Study

Temporary Assistance for Needy Family: HEY PARENTS

Lucretia Clayton

(MFD0904A): OMM 614 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Richie

November 9, 2009

Delinquency is becoming a big problem in communities around the world. From burglary to murder, our teens are proposing big threats to families and homes abroad. In this paper, I will provide reasons to why youth get on the wrong path. Also, I will discuss ways to prevent them from getting on the path of delinquency. Finally, I will explain how the proposed strategy can be evaluated.

Drugs constitute problems. Violence is also a dilemma. Another crisis is sexual abuse. At the same time, teenage pregnancy is a predicament. Finally, dropout rates are troublesome. These are all problems in the Delta, and all of these problems are evident in our youth. Two questions come to mind when troubled youth are seen. Where do most of these problems come from? How do we prevent or better these problems? We believe that these problems originate in the homes with the parents who neglect their children. When youth do not have anyone to talk to, anyone to love them, or anyone to look up to, they turn to the streets in hopes of finding love, trust, guidance, and so forth. Vinluan (2005) believe when parents are not there for their children, they push their children to the streets; in the streets, instead of finding what they need, these at-risk youth find the things that they definitely don’t need such as drugs, violence, and sex (just to name a few). The unknown author of “Adventure to Responsibility: Dealing with Troubled Youth” (2003) feels that we could help prevent or better majority of these problems if the community becomes better involved in the lives of the parents and children. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is an old but true saying because some parents in today’s society need assistance in guiding their child(ren) in the...

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