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Forbidden Planet Movie Analysis

Forbidden Planet Movie Analysis

Amir Farag
April 9, 2013
English 166
Paper 3

The Evil in All of Us

In this world, there are bad people and good people. Although we wouldn’t expect that good people would do anything bad or evil, but in actuality, even good people have an evil self in them. Not only good people, but also everyone in the world has an evil self. In the movie, “Forbidden Planet”, Dr. Edward Morbius creates the monster that is killing everyone from Cruiser C57-D, powered by the machine that was made by the exist race known as “Krell”, this is because Morbius enhanced his intelligence using the “plastic educator”. Although is made seem like Morbius is the villain in the film, in actuality, Morbius is viewed more as a tragic figure than a villain because we all have an evil self within us and also because he was unaware of the monster as well.
People are unable to control their dark impulses in their unconscious mind. It is something we cannot control and something we cannot choose to have, we all have our darkest impulses in our unconscious mind, which makes us not aware of them. When Altaria, who is Morbiu’s daughter, does not listen to her father’s wishes and chose to be with Adams, who is the commander of Cruiser C57-D, Morbius’s darker impulses start to unleash with the power of the machine that Krell created, and the monster reappears.
Having an evil self and dark impulses doesn’t mean that were all doomed to be evil no matter we do, but rather it means that we have a bad side that we’re not aware of at times. Although there is no way to get rid of our evil self, there is a way to control it.
We have to acknowledge the fact that we do have an evil self and to be aware of it, if we don’t then it can come out from no where and we won’t know why. When people think that it’s about to come out, try to think of something that makes them happy. Another thing that people can do when they are aware that their evil side is about to come out is to remain calm and think...

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