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Causes of anorexia
There are many causes and risks factors for anorexia such as body dissatisfaction, dieting, low self-esteem, perfectionism, childhood sexual abuse and even family history of eating disorders
1. Cultural Pressures

In many societies, people believe that being thin is the standard of beauty for women and also represents happiness, success, and self-control. Many women worry about their weight and try to diet to meet this standard. However, the idea of having very thin shape is impossible for most women because women have differences biological and inherited factors that determine natural body weight. This make many women are unhappy with their body weight and shape. This idea has caused thousands of women and men to go on starvation diets or use products that supposedly make them lose weight in few days. The use of these products is originated just by the idea of body perfection. Moreover, in some occupation such as modeling, dancing, and sports like gymnastics, figure skating, running, and wrestling have a lot of pressure to maintain their weight and appearance. This includes participation in an activity that demands slenderness.

2. Psychological Issue
Psychological characteristics can also make a person more likely to develop anorexia including low self esteem, Feelings of ineffectiveness, poor body image, depression, difficulty expressing feelings, rigid thinking patterns, need for control, physical or sexual abuse, avoidance of conflict with others, and need to feel special or unique. People with anorexia might often appear emotionally driven not only toward weight loss, but also in other areas of their life, such as schoolwork, physical fitness, and jobs. Furthermore, people with anorexia are often perfectionists.
3. Family Environment
In addition to the cultural pressure to be thin, there are other family and social pressures that can contribute to anorexia. This includes participation in an activity that demands slenderness,...