Life After Hurricane Katrina

Life After Hurricane Katrina

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What is your career choice and why did you choose it?

My career choice is license practical nurse. I chose license practical nurse because I enjoy working with people who are sick, injured, or disabled. Also I enjoy the new technology of medicine.

How does your career fit with your P.A.P. score?

The career I chose fits excellent with my personality type. The Nurturer was my P.A.P. It stands for hard workers, detail oriented, considerate of others, friendly and warm to others. These characteristics fit with my job descriptions as a nurse.

What college do you plan on attending after Delgado, what degree program would you be in for your career?

After I finish at Delgado Community College I will be attending Charity School of Nursing program.

What type of degree do you need for your career?

I would need a certificate of completion from a community college or vocational school.

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(2011). Occupational Outlook Handbook. Washington DC. Assessed online on (10/12/2011)

Do you need to take exams for licensing/certification for your career?

I will need to take the License Practical Nurse exam after finishing a 2 year college course at Delgado Community College to be a License Practical Nurse.

(www. O*NET on

What is the demand for your profession in New Orleans and one other location?

The demand for LPN in the city of New Orleans is, Employment-22,060, Employment per Thousand- 12.04, Location- 2.10 quotient (9)- Location in Arkansas, Employment- 12,010, Employment per Thousand- 10.58, Location 1.84.

(Delgado Community College-Library Homepage. Career Internet Database/career List (10/14/2011)

What salary should you expect?

The hourly wage is $18.19 an hour, and yearly $37,830.

(www.Careers Institute for careers copy right 2007 Assesed on line (10/12/2011)

Working conditions

Nurses work under the directin of physicians and registered nurses....

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