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Small Paragraphs

Small Paragraphs

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Why having a cell phone

There are three reasons I have a cell phone. The first reason is keeping in touch with the family while travelling for example. The second reason for having a cell phone is that it contains many applications and tools. For instance, it can replace an agenda, a calculator or even a digital camera. The third reason is that the cell phone can be useful for emergency like when the car broke down. To sum up the cell phone is a useful device for our daily life.

Why having a small car

There are there reasons I have a small car. The fisrt reason Is that is does not consume too much fuel. This allows me to save money to buy other things. The second reason is that is is much easier to park a small car than a large one. People who have large cars always find difficulties to park their cars. The last reason is that small car are not expensive in the most cases. That is why I bought one. To conclude, having a small car is useful especially inside the city and in addiction it is economical

Why Learning English

There are three main reasons why I am learning English. The first reason is that English is an international language. For instance, by learning English, I can travel to almost any country even if I do not speak its language. The second reason is that English is required more and more for jobs. So by learning English I increase my chances to get a job in comparison with one who does not speak it. The third reason is that English is required if want to study abroad. To conclude, learning English give us many possibilities and opportunities along our career.

Why having an Ipod

There are three reasons I have an Ipod. The first reason is that it has a large amount of storage. It allows me to put all what I need on it such as videos, photos and music. The second reason is that it is easy to use it. I needed only few minutes to know how the Ipod works. The third reason is that it is easy to update and for transferring files. For...

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