As the flare burns the edge, slowly and gently igniting the tip, a smooth inhaling motion happens. This miraculous substance travels around the body, entering the lungs and slowly into the bloodstream before the so-called ‘chemical enhanced-tar filled’ substance is exhaled into the atmosphere. The feeling of relaxation suddenly takes over the body and mind leaving a sensation of pure joy and calmness.

But at the receiving end of this cloud, a hardened stone cold look appears. Then comes a loud boom resembling the sound of “You people are going to die of cancer one day so stop it! Don’t drag us to the grave with you!” followed with a killer cock stare. Being reactive, I swiftly draw out my middle finger and take another puff before replying “Then stop eating your chemical processed, genetically modified, acid filled, trans fat burger that causes more harm than my cigarette, fatty” before getting a burger wrapper thrown at my face.

That particular event of time has led to thinking about cancer and how it is developed or rather how people can develop it. Immediately, the first option was to research it online, looking through medical journals and researches done by world-renowned organizations such as the Harvard University medical board and the World Health Organization. Surprisingly the articles that was opened stated that cigarettes does not cause cancer, it only states that through statistics it shows that smokers have a higher chance of developing cancer by a mere 8 per cent compared to non smokers. Isn’t that just weird considering that world governments and newly founded organizations have gone on a crusade against smoking when it has caused fewer deaths compared to the deaths caused by obesity and heart diseases? Where is the taxpayer’s money going? What a dilemma.

Smoking may pose as a threat to the growth of cancerous cells and it may be one of the many risk factors for cancer, but it certainly does not cause cancer. To illustrate this point,...

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