Telangana Timeline

Telangana Timeline
1953 , SRC (State Re-organization Committee) : recommend merger of Telangana with AP provided more than 2/3 majority in assembly ; 1 November 1956 : Nehru decides to merge and form AP
Telangana : neglected
Pre 2004 protests
1969 : 8 point formula ; rejected protests continue
1973 : 6 point formula ; leaders agree ; 32 amendment
1985 : violations in 6 point formula ; 610 GO : to correct the violations , Girglani commission: 2001.
1997 : BJP state unit of AP passes a resolution seeking separate state.
2001 : KCR forms TRS , congress forum for Telangana , NDA against smaller states
2004 to 2010 protests
In run up to 2004 elections, NDA was of the opinion that unless there is a consensus, will not include it in the agenda.
Congress and TRS form an alliance to contest the elections
TRS joins the alliance on the promise that common minimum program includes demand for a separate state.
Run up to 2009, all parties promise to support Telangana movement.
September 2009 , YSR death , power vacuum , KCR hunger strike
Nov-Dec 2009, strife in HYD.
9 Dec : PC announces union govt will start the process for a separate state of Telangana.
Samuykta Andhra movement : united state of Andhra
UPA says, no separate state unless a consensus is reached.
JAC (Joint Action Committee) under the leadership of Prof M Kondandaram Reddy : lead demand for a separate state of Telangana.
BJP leader Sushma Swaraj says that NDA would have formed separate state along with Chattisgarh, Jharkand & Uttaranchal had TDP supported it.
Sri Krishna committee
Committee formed to study the pros & cons of forming a separate state.
Two solutions suggested: keep state united with special social, economical & political statutory powers to the region.
Justice N Narsimha Reddy of AP HC orders the report to be made public, overturned by HC bench.

Non-cooperation movement, resignations and Mass strikes.
BJP rally , not much...

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