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The Goal of Security Policy

The Goal of Security Policy

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The goal of this security policy is to protect Sunica Music and Movies and ensure the integrity of the business. This policy outlines recommendations for physical, access control, and networking procedures. The purpose of the security policy is to establish and maintain an effective company-wide set of procedures and standards that employees should respect and follow.
The responsibility of company security ultimately falls upon the shoulders of all people involved. Employees should be trained and aware of possible negative effects from inappropriate actions. Enforcement of the policy is essential and employees should be given warning as to repercussions of their behavior.
Any security policy should always be reviewed and changed as needed to maintain the proper security level at all times. Security risks present constant change and levels of security may need to be adjusted to accommodate those changes.
Sunica Music and Movies provides multimedia sales from four locations. Although members of the same chain, the stores act independently with regard to inventory and financials. The stores need to constructed onto a network with an intranet site where they can share and access more reliable information. They should also have a way to reorder stock based upon sales and centralize the company finances. There also needs to be a place for Internet consumers to access inventory information and make purchases. All of these areas need to properly secured to keep equipment and information from being stolen.

Physical Security Policy
Sunica Music will need to employ a single server for their transactions and inventory database that is accessed using the Intranet. The server should be located in one of the store locations that preferably has an inside room with no windows or doors from the outside. The proper location should be also be considered based upon geographical and crime statistics to ensure the safest place. In addition, the server room...

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