21 Century

21 Century

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It is fascinating how our world is run by zillions of zeros and ones. From controlling satellites in orbit to finding a cooking recipe from home it is all done using computer technologies. And what is a computer without the right piece of software? I find it truly intriguing to learn about the ways in which software works. A topic that particularly interests me is the creation of Java Server Pages as I believe that they are the future of the dynamic web pages.

Currently, I am a student in the most prestigious computer science secondary school in my country, the Technologic School "Electronic Systems". A number of my core modules have been taught by professors at the Computer Science Department of the Sofia Technical University. In the course of my studies, I have gained an extensive knowledge of Mathematics and Physics. The school’s curriculum includes both software and hardware courses. The specialty I have chosen to study is focused on the whole process of software creation including its research and development as well as writing the needed documentation. This has provided me with a solid background that will help me to excel in Computer Science degree. The course projects I have done are household accounting software for the Programming Technology course and a blur image filter for the Computer Graphics and Design course. I am now working on my graduation project, which is creating a complicated graphical interface using SWT/JFace as well as my Internet Programming coursework which is to create a site for a school register using JSP. As both projects are based on Java, I have just finished reading “Thinking in Java, 3rd edition” by Bruce Eckel. Thanks to the breadth of teaching, I have managed to develop my algorithmic and creative thinking. The school’s curriculum also includes courses in various social sciences as well as English and Literature.

Concerning my work experience- I have worked at a software support department for a private company for...

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