Managerial Functions in 21 century

Managerial Functions in 21 century

At first glance, _________ position as Chief Technical Officer, at _______it looks like it would lack basic management skills. Upon further review we find that the holder of this position has a wide range of responsibilities that highlight the diversity of his skill set. A skill set that has been crafted with more than 30,000 hours on over 100 web related projects.

There is no easy-to-find job description of the skills needed to run a web startup company. To truly understand the tenacity of this position we must first look at ___________ as a company.

As an online password management system the diversity of the stakeholders only emphasizes the responsibilities and requirements in day-to-day operations. Operating within the law is underscored and a constant matter of concern due to recent government regulation (Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002). Building a sustainable revenue stream that is systemized to operate on its own is ______ main ambition, and for this reason maximizing profits while working under a manageable budget is always the first priority. Due to the sheer nature of the business, re

sponsibilities that go hand-in-hand with day-to-day operations must be handled with confidence and professionalism not only for ethical and legal reasons, but also to ensure continued growth of the company and profits. These issues pose perhaps the greatest challenges of a web based management system but if handled correctly act as one of its greatest selling points.

Any current or potential client would represent the main stakeholders of________, as would all ______ employees and ________ himself. Secondary stakeholders would include the government of the country the client resides in (which has an interest in financial or sensitive data that is changing hands. Service, Software and Phone providers also represent a Secondary stakeholder.

Because of the sensitive nature of information companies entrust with their employees...

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