25- Short Story

25- Short Story

25 (Draft copy)

Aaahhh bugger. Another day of bloody work. I’m so sick of this bloody work! It aint pretty working down in those goddamn mines. I come home every night covered in crap and then Kelly has a fat scream about me putting dirt all through the house. I NEVER get a break.

Pub tonight with Damo and the crew, there’s something to look forward to. But I still gotta go to bloody work.

“Oi Kels, where’s me breakfast?” “Get it yourself ya lazy mongrel”.

Kelly is a nice girl. She grew up with a bunch of rich wankers somewhere down south. She was never one of them though, she always had streets respect and never stuck her nose in anyones shit. I think that’s what I like about her the most, well, apart from her D cup tits, but we got a good relationship going on. She won’t ask, I won’t tell. It’s win-win really.

“Fine bitch, I’m not making you dinner”. “Ahh piss off will ya! If you don’t get your fat arse moving now we’re not going to be able to pay the fucking bills!”

Yeah… Kelly is a great girl. We get along real well.

* * * * * * *

At work, I sat around doing fuck all. I smoked two dozen durries and went for a piss every couple hours. I spose I should have done something productive, but fuck that shit when the managers off.

I finally got told to piss off at around 8.30 and drove straight to the pub.

* * * * * * *

“Oi Dame bra, where are the other fuckers?”
“Ahh fuck them, said they got more important shit to do”

Damo’s a loyal mate. I’ve known him since I was 12, We started at the same dero high school together 13 years back. I feel I can really open up to Damo, like, if something serious comes up, he know exactly what to do.

“WHAT THE FUCK!? Dude.. this bitch just txted me saying I got her preggas! What the fuck should I do Dame?”
“Kill the slut… or the baby… I dunno, cut her open and...

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