2ton fire tube steam boiler for sale

2ton fire tube steam boiler for sale

ZG 2 ton steam boiler for sale has adopted the modern concept of eccentrically located furnace with smoke tubes arranged in the staggered manner on the one hand of the furnace. Top and rear tubes along with the furnace are accessible for inspection and maintenance. Generously proportioned furnace with large furnace volume ensuring.There's more heating surface to spare to be able to assure of running of full load and overcharge.The boilers develop the characteristics of reasonable structure, safely running, high efficiency, energy saving and conveniently operation.

2 ton fire tube steam boiler for sale

1. Adopt back water innuendo technology to further improve water circulation reliability; Adopt fire tube Package structure to save boiler house coverage minimizing cost for installation and investment on infrastructure;
2. Large heating area design philosophy, strong overload capacity;
3. Adopt sealed air chamber, uniform air distribution, plus more free adjustment;

2 ton steam boiler manufacturer and supplier

ZG is usually an industry leading manufacturer of clean gas, clean oil and questionable and low pressure steam boilers and hot water boiler with forms of gas and oil fired. We assist you in picking a the right size and type of boiler and furnace; boiler house layout, supply and erection of boiler house auxiliaries, method to obtain spares together with commissioning, maintenance and operation.As a result of your own preeminent engineers,we has built a private Water condensation Laboratory and gives environmental protection industrial boiler.ZG 2 ton fire tube boiler used in Refineries and Petrochemicals.Clients will benefit from cut down tremendously CO2 emissions and also fuel cost saving with ZG industrial boiler no matter this is a 2 ton oil fired steam boiler or other kinds.

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