300 Spartans

300 Spartans

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Spartans were a very dominant breed of people. They believed everything they fought for was worth dying for. They were in the building of a population of soldiers. They felt their power and freedom was through the strength of their shields and sharpness of their swords. After reading in Western Civilization, (Western Civilization, Ninth Edition; Jackson J Spielvogel, 2015, 2012, 2011 Cengage Learnig), and comparing to the movie production of 300, (Director Zack Snyder, released 2006), There were a lot of historical events included in the film. Being able to give a vivid on screen projection of what the war was like, the idea of millions of soldiers facing a group of 300 men, and a few extra who volunteered. Still giving scenery of what life in Sparta could have been portrayed as in that time. A lot of work in screen developing took place. Setting up the movie to be replica, or what would be considered a replica of times in that era.

In the start of the movie, it was at the brink of life if King Leonidas. He was raised in the life of a Spartan, son of the King. His whole youth would consist of becoming an elite soldier. Learning the arts of war and defeating the enemy. At the age of 7 was when the children were sent to a training to defend themselves in the wild to prove worthy of being a Spartan. In sight was the fight to remain free. No one was above all they were all equally free men. Held accountable to rule and justice appointed by the towns’ people. They were very proud of Sparta and had faith in their leader, King Leonidas.

All of this took place in a setting of women and children running free. Towns people running markets and people all joyous around. Everyone happy, no slave’s not forcible hand upon anyone.

Xerxes, King of the Persians, Son of Darius wanted all the lands and respect from everyone. He portrayed himself as a god to the people. The Persians had strength in numbers, and were steadily...

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