The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Washington DC have been considered as an act of war and a loss for the United States, a loss for the United States that must not be allowed to happen again and that must be avenged.

There where four parts of the battle, four attacks on four different places along the east coast. The first two parts of the battles took us completely by surprise, two planes flying from Boston were turned into bombs and used to destroy the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The battle started very badly for us.

The third part of the attacks that occurred on 9/11 were in Washington DC. The terrorist hijacked a third Air Plane. This time US intelligence and technology began to come into play. One passenger was able to contact the Justice Department and inform them of what was happening.
Additionally, it appears that the intended target of this phase of this air plane bombing could of have been the White House, and not the Pentagon. With that question we will most likely never know for sure, but it seems that the enemy may have been forced to settle for an attack on the Pentagon by passing up the primary target. One thing is sure: the attack on the Pentagon was much less effective, much less damaging than the attack on the World Trade Center. Only a part of the building was damaged. Significantly less people were killed, and the most important parts of the Pentagon were unaffected.

With that this brings us to the forth and final part of the attacks that occurred on 9/11: Flight 93. This one appears to have been aimed at Washington, DC, quite possibly on the Capital building. This time, several passengers were able to contact the outside world. They had definitely learned about the earlier parts of the battle and how terrible they had turned out. A handful of Americans witch were ordinary citizens, spoke to or left messages for their loved ones, and then with a battle cry of "Let's Roll", counterattacked And they...

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