A2 media script

A2 media script

´╗┐Shots of video production

Shot 1 -
visual- boys hands, boy typing on a messenger service on the computer
sound- keyboard

Shot 2 -
visual- show the screen(blurred)
sound- no sound

Shot 3 -
visual- side shot of the boys using the computer
sound- no sound

Shot 4 -
visual- shot of the screen(receives message from friend talking about school)
sound- message received sound

Shot 5 -
visual- side shot of the boy
sound- keyboard

Shot 6 -
visual- bully from the boys school starts a new convocation
sound- message received sound

Shot 7 -
visual- shot of the boy(scared face)
sound- sad sound

Shot 8 -
visual- zooming into the screen
sound- dramatic sounds

Shot 9 -
visual- the bullying is sitting on a chair beside the boy
sound- big/bald music

Shot 10 -
visual- the bully and the boy sitting together, the boy is feeling scared and intimidated, they both talk about school and bullying is telling him what to do.
sound- the bullying talking to the boy, telling him that he needs his work and money

Shot 11 -
visual- the bully disappears and boy is sitting alone sad and scared
sound- scared music to show the boys is scared

Shot 12 -
visual- shot of out the school
sound - outside the school

Shot 13 -
visual- the boy walking down the corridor with his head down
sound- footsteps of boy

Shot 14 -
visual- the bully appearing behind the boy
sound- dramatic sound to show bullying is bigger

Shot 15 -
visual- the bullying pushing the boy on to the wall asking him to send him his work and give him some money
sound- gasp from the boy(scared), the bullying telling the to send him work and give him some money

Shot 16 -
visual- the boys pocket and giving the bully money
sound- money and bullying snatching money

Shot 17 -
visual- the bullying punching the boy in the stomach and working away
sound- the punch and bullies footsteps

Shot 18 -
visual- the boy on the floor hurt
sound- no sound...

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