Aaa Adad Nb

Aaa Adad Nb

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New Balance Case Study
Appendix 3 – Internal Analysis


  a) Tangible resources:
i) Physical: plants and equipment
              * H-D invests continuously in plants and equipment.
              * H-D plants are located in different states in the US, very far from each other, which causes very high transportation costs.

        i) Technological: 
            * H-D is known for its technological backwardness in terms of engines, suspension systems, braking systems, and transmissions.

iii)   Financial
            * Steady increase in profit for 20 years (until 2007)
            * Downturn in the last year (2008)
            * Limited ability to invest in technology and new products due to smaller corporate sizes and inability to share research expenditure across cars and bikes

iv) Organisational 
  * Flatter and more team-based organisational structure, which provides better flexibility and effectiveness

  b) Intangible resources: 
        ii) Human:
            * High level of employees’ loyalty and commitment to the company 
            * Good management-employee relationship, characterised by open communication, employee support (e.g. education program)

        iii) Innovation:
            * lack of significant innovation activities

        iv) Reputation:
            * Extremely strong brand name
            * Very high customers loyalty
            * Strong relationship with the customers through HOG
            * Close relationship with the suppliers through SAC

        v) Distribution network:
            * Very well developed distribution network
            * Close relationship with the dealers – dealer development program

        vi) Strategic alliances:
            * Alliances with Porsche AG, Ford, and Gemini Racing Technologies – provide access to automotive technology 
            * Recently has formed an alliance with Shell


  * Vision
  * Offering a...

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