Abc Inc. Case Study Analysis

Abc Inc. Case Study Analysis

ABC Inc. Case Study Analysis
Daniel E. Foster
April 1, 2013
Brooke McDonough

ABC Inc. Case Study Analysis

Most businesses are confident in their hiring process when bringing on new recruits to work for their company. ABC, Inc (ABC) Operation Supervisor Monica Carrolls was very confident when she set the wheels in motion for her new campus recruiter Carl Robbins to hire 15 new trainees.
Monica put all her trust in Carl thinking that she had hired the right man for the job in taking on recruitment operations. The plan was for the new trainees to attend a new hire orientation on June 15th and have the new hires on the job working by July.


This case study will look at the hiring procedures for ABC and the problems that come with an inexperienced employee running recruitment without supervision. Carl interviewed the new hires in April, and they were to begin work for Monica by July. Monica contacted Carl in the middle of May about the training schedule and issues that he would have to coordinate for the new hires. He ensured her that everything would be arranged on time. At the end of May he found that the trainee files were incomplete and they had not been scheduled for drug screens. During further investigation he found that trainee manual were not up to par and the training room was booked for the whole month of June by the Joe from technology services. These issues overwhelmed Carl, and he panicked thinking of a way to get out of this jam that he was in.

Key Problems

The main problem for ABC and Monica was that they had an inexperienced campus recruiter working without supervision on his first recruitment effort. Monica should have visited Carl in his office instead of just making a phone call on 15 May to get an update on where he was in the process. The key problems Carl should have looked into before telling Monica that everything would be fine were employee files, drug screens, physicals, orientation...

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