About Me!

About Me!

About me
Written the 22nd of May 2006, 6:00 pm

- I’ll always love you, whatever you did or caused me…
- I respect you unless you don’t exceed your limits.
- I have no fear, except of God. I don’t fear you, don’t fear me either.
- I love my social life, though, I love to be alone, and I think it’s necessary.
- I’m spontaneous. Stay away from me if u r not from spontaneity fans.
- I love music, and believe that it’s my only friend in all the situations I pass threw. Don’t misjudge if u see me listening to calm music sometimes, understand that it has been a better friend than you.
- I hate judgment, and refuse to judge you.
- I have morals, and I’m Christian. I refuse to tell you my opinion about your religion and belongings. Find your own morals, and respect mine. If you don’t mind this, then you are a friend of mine.
-I have had so many cruel times and lived in hard situations. Sometimes when I remember these, I can’t help but weep. But hope has been my companion, and faith my guide, nothing deserved to ruin my life.
- I can pretend to forget, I can pack the memories back in a small box, in the farthest depth of my mind, but I can’t hide reality.
- Otherwise, I look back at the precious memories with a smile.
- I love all my friends and I trust so easily. Many of them betrayed me and shot me, in the heart…
- I’m not materialistic; I would rather like somebody to hug me, then to invite me for dinner.
- I believe that money can’t buy you everything; actually it can buy you nothing, except food and clothes. Only the inner beauty you possess will remain forever… I never cared about talking to a shallow or/and rich person...

You see? I am the sum of everything and nothing. I’m a whole contradiction, I am angry, sad, and I’m happy, relaxed. I am so big that nothing can contain me; I am so small that I would never be missed if lost. I am so human… and it hurts, and yet I am alien from all that is humanity.

And here is I. standing lost on a small...

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