Accountability in Business Ethics

Accountability in Business Ethics

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When it comes to bussneiss and ethics always a lofty discussion. Bussiness are held at a
different level of accountability. They are responsible for their actions in direct relation to their customers, their employees and the community they exsit in. When a company establishies a privacy act with their customers it is for both parties protection. The company is not only legally bound but also ethically bound to uphold it. The parents of a United States Marine are fighting to gain access to there sons email. Justin Ellsworth was a brave and dedicated soldier who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country, and now his parents are battling Yahoo for the right to view there fallen sons correspondence. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth should not be allowed access to Justin’s email account. Email providers have terms of service agreements and privacy policies that must be agreed upon prior to opening an account. These agreements and policies are in place to protect the provider from lawsuits as well as to protect the customer from invasion of privacy. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth gaining access to their sons email account, through an informal request, without some kind of legal document would put all individuals in jeopardy. Computers are being used as peoples primary source of communication and daily functionality these days, every effort must be made to protect a persons private communications and information as well as there identity. Allowing someone’s relatives, weather its there parents, wife, or any one else, access to there private information without consent or legal documentation would violate our right to privacy.

Internet providers have to be especially careful, in this computer age, in protecting there customers privacy, this is why all reputable company’s on the web have terms of service agreements and privacy policies in place that must be agreed on before an account can be

opened. Justin Ellsworth agreed to such a statement and...

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