Accounting: a Vast Amount of Opportunities

Accounting: a Vast Amount of Opportunities

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Accounting: A Vast Amount of Opportunities

In grade school, I had no greater feeling than when I would be the first student to finish the timed math sheets correctly. As I progressed in school, I continued to have that feeling when I would ace a math test, or have others ask me for help, because they didn’t understand. It was in high school that I decided I wanted a career that dealt with numbers, because I loved to work with them. As I’ve looked further into the field of accounting, I have found that it has a vast amount of job opportunities, and takes a person with great skill and education.

Wanting a career in an accounting field leaves you with a vast amount of choices. Your career can begin as a bookkeeper, payroll clerk, or tax preparer. These are all great starting positions, if your plan is work your way up the accounting ladder. After further schooling and experience, you can acquire a job as an auditor, budget analyst, or any of the various types of accountants. And once you have achieved the role of accountant, as long as you meet all of the qualifications, you can take the CPA exam, to become a certified public accountant, which will open even more doors for your career.

Most accountants will work in an office type setting, whether it is for public accounting firms, the government, corporations, or being self-employed. The area in which you work will also play a big factor in your salary, as well as your experience, geographical location, and degree. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009), the median annual wages for salary accountants and auditors in May 2008 was $59,430 (para 40). Those with little experience may look to earn $32,000 a year, while directors of accounting may earn up to $208,000 a year (Wilkison 2009 para 5). Another factor that affects salaries is geographical location, such as firms in large cities compared to those in smaller towns.

To be an accountant of any kind, you...

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