Acme Home Improvements de Mexico, Sa de Cv (Acme) Imp

Acme Home Improvements de Mexico, Sa de Cv (Acme) Imp

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The purpose of the following information management plan is to offer the recommended policies that Acme Home Improvements de Mexico, SA de CV (ACME) in the implementation of the plan. ACME should utilize many reporting and record keeping necessities found in the legislation enacted under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as the foundation for its information management plan because, as business analysts have revealed, linking financial reporting requirements with supply chain data offers a more complete illustration of an organization’s business dealings (Protiviti, 2003). The critical reckoning for ACME’s need for the implementation of an information management plan to manage its strategy going forward and allows to organization to fall into the classification of adhering to industry best practices for information management.
Training required
A summary of the anticipated training required in order to effectively run and maintain the ISM to bring about productivity. Training will be made available to the individuals that will be accessing and maintaining the information systems. There are four units covered during a two month period that is required of all staff members unfamiliar with the technology associated with computers and information systems.
Module One:
 An overview covering the elements of computers, hardware, software and networks
Module Two:
 Comprehensive knowledge of PCs, network servers, and peripherals such as printers, barcode scanners and LAN.
 Comprehensive knowledge of a window based operating system, memory and required software to be determined by Acme.

Module Three:

 Develop a thorough understanding of how to perform basic information searches and practice sessions using the internet.
 An overview of steps needed in order to send sending and receiving e-mails;

Module Four:

 Methods employed utilizing the internet to process vendor and supplier orders.
 Methods for locating and identifying information...

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