Active Directory and Dns Design

Active Directory and Dns Design

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Date: April 22,2013 Prepared by: Sainath K.E.V Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

SKV Consulting is a Premier Consulting providing Enterprise solutions on designing Microsoft Technologies. SKV follows Microsoft standard frameworks and proven methodologies in designing and implementing the Infrastructure solutions. SKV has successfully performed Enterprise Infrastructure transformations including both Desktop transformations and Server transformations. SKV has proven track record of quality and delivery methodologies and provide value to its customers by reducing the Operations costs and increase the revenue.


SKV Solution for CLT

Solution Description:
CLT will be hosting their infrastructure on Microsoft Hyper-v virtualization stack. The virtual infrastructure servers will host Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft System Center Orchestrator, File Server, CLT Application Servers, and Microsoft SQL Servers etc. CLT has 3 Production VLANs and 1 Client VLAN configured on Cisco hardware, each VLAN is configured on Cisco switches 3750 series, a dedicated patch panel separates Management switches and Clients / Servers. A Fabric interconnect provides management interface which is layered between Layer 3 switch and Cisco UCS Blade servers. Each of the VLAN has mix of Unix and Microsoft Servers. Most Microsoft servers are virtualized and staged on Microsoft Hyper-v with appropriate VLAN tags configured for communication between servers and Storage arrays. CLT is engaging SKV, a Microsoft Premier Consulting firm to perform DNS Designing and Configuration which involves configuring DNS servers in three Active Directory Domains and establish communication across the DNS servers.

CLT Existing Data Center:
Existing CLT Data Center is hosted in Sydney and managed by In-House staff. CLT has 2 offices ( Sydney and Melbourne ) each of the sites are...

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