Adventures Into the Underworld

Adventures Into the Underworld

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There are many reasons why women like to wear lingerie and many reasons why some don’t. For women it isn’t about whether or not anyone will see it, it is for themselves. Women gain more confidence by seeing how they view themselves. Looking and feeling good is an important part of our society today. People assume that when woman wear lingerie, it’s for the sole purpose of the man’s pleasure and even though it has been worn for centuries for the pleasure of the opposite sex, it is not the main focus for women anymore. Now it’s more about feeling attractive and your image for your self rather than for anybody else.


A) Market size and the criteria for segmentation. In particular look at the patterns of purchase within time, occasions and persons involved.

The ladies underwear market in the United Kingdom is extremely large on the whole compared to the men’s underwear market. The ladies underwear market makes up about 60-70 percent compared to the men’s underwear market that is a measly 30 percent.

The lingerie market segments for women include the basic underwear, nightwear, corsetry, socks and stockings as well as small t-shirts. For the men and children, the underwear market includes nightwear and socks. The British lingerie is known for its high quality, style and creativity and these characteristics have contributed to its glamorous reputation worldwide.

The decisive factor for selecting lingerie often varies according to a woman’s lifestyle. Some women prefer to look for comfort and simplicity while some women prefer to buy lingerie based on emotion and sensuality. Women between the age of 15 to 35 purchase more lingerie items...

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