Afghan War: a War for American Government and It's Strategy

Afghan War: a War for American Government and It's Strategy

Australia should not been involved in Afghan war. It is a unjust war, Afghan people will never support NATO and it's puppet government. Just like first Afghan war , this war will cost us a lot but we will get nothing.

Of course, find people who are responsible for september 11 attacks is of the reasons of Afghanistan war. But for Afghan people, America and Australia are the same as England and USSR. NATO invaded their country, they come to kill Afghan people. In 2010, 2777 Afghan people was accidentally killed by NATO's army. If we looks at the location of Afghanistan, it's not hard to understand why did America attacks. In the west of Afghanistan, it's Iran, in the east, it's China and Russia is in the north. They are the countries which America don't like. Afghan war is not a war for American people or Afghan people, it's for American government and it's strategy.

Just like England and USSR, America can not win the Afghan war. They don't have enough army in Afghanistan. 100.000 soldiers is not enough, they need to defend the supply line, warehouse, gas station ,their base and fight with Taliban. American can't attack because they don't know where is Taliban, which mountain they are hiding. They can only defend and bomb, but they don't know where to defend, where is Taliban going to attack. If we want to search every mountain in the south of Afghanistan, we need at least one million soldiers and we can't use tanks.Afghanistan is not Iraq, many people does support Taliban, it include Taliban spies. Unless America kill everyone in Afghanistan, otherwise they will never win the war against Afghan people.

Australia already spend $26.6 billion on Afghanistan war. 27 Australian soldiers and more than 2000 NATO's solider died. We should get out of Afghanistan before we loose.

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