African American Living in Lexington

African American Living in Lexington


Everything, everywhere I look, everywhere I turn, right or left is white. I was reading an article about how America is synonymous with white people. I am sure when Asian American or African American for that matter; think of America, they think of white people because white people are mainstream, white people is general. Therefore, if you are a black person trying to assert yourself and express your culture, there is something wrong with you because to do that is to be diametrically opposed to everything this country stands for. Everything this country stands for is what is white.

I asked the question, “What is it like to be a black person in White America today? It is like one-step from suicide! What I am trying to say is that the warfare games that we have to play; we have to play them everyday just to survive. We have to be one way in our communities and one way in the workplace. We can never be ourselves all around. I think that may be given for all people, but it is really a mental health problem. It is a wonder; we have not all gone out and killed somebody or killed ourselves.


African American is the majority race in my community here in Lexington, KY. We as African Americans have been through a lot. In my community, my friends and I have seen and been through prejudice, discrimination, and racism. Let me share with you just how African Americans such as me had gotten started here. In the 19th Century, our group colonized in the United States. Our efforts were to relocate free African Americans to colonize in Africa. During the early decades, a number of reform movement intended to improve American life development.

In 1816, the American Society for Colonizing in the United States, commonly known as the American Colonization Society was found. The number of free African Americans increased dramatically after the American Revolution War, from some 60,000 in 1790 to a quarter of a million by 1820....

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