California African American Museum

California African American Museum

I went to the California African American Museum for the outside essay. I expected the museum would be bored but it was great experience. I learned something that I completely did not know before I visited such as motorcycling culture of African American. The atmosphere around the museum was very peaceful and made me relaxed. The museum is in the Exposition Park right in front of the USC. The museum looks very huge but I was not really huge than looking. It was free to get in but there were few people in there. The museum, California African American Museum, is split by four halls.

At the first hall there were displayed of many picture of famous African American and documents. The most memorable display to me was about Tom Bradley. Tom Bradley is the name of LA air port and that is only thing I knew about the name Tom Bradley. Every time when I went to the LAX to pick someone up, I had always wanted to know who Tom Bradley is. Tom Bradley was LAPD when he was young and became first African American Mayor of Los Angeles for five years. After retired at 1993 he joined law firm and help African American and he died at September 1993. Detail description of his achievements for African American society was not displayed but I think the fact that he became a second African American mayor in the US and first mayor of Los Angeles is already magnificent value to African American society.

The second part of museum was about African American artist Dewey Crumpler. The hall was filled with the paint, prints and sculptures those Dewey Crumpler made. I was not able to understand his work of art at all because those were very strange. I did not even classify what he drew of. I did not spend much time at that hall because smelled of paint stink. I think that there were some new paints in the hall.

The third hall was the most interesting to me at the museum because it was about motorcycling in African American culture. I did not know that motorcycling is one of...

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