African- American Slavery

African- American Slavery

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The history of African American is largely a part of American History that particularly described the Black American ethnic group in the United States. Many Black Americans are the offspring of enslaved Africans held in the United States from the years 1619 up to 1865 (Berlin, 1998). Those who are considered African American by the government of the United States comprise of the voluntary immigrants from Africa, South America, and the Caribbean who identified themselves as one of the African decline. In fact, the United States is celebrating the African- American History during the month of February and hence Black History Month.

One of the biggest issues and most historic diaspora in the pre- modern times was the African Diaspora that began at the start of 16th century. African population at the time of Atlantic Slave Trade were dispersed and transported into the Western Hemisphere as slaves. It had been viewed that vital and considerable factors to the experience of African Americans and the diaspora as well, have been the ways where in the struggles and aspirations are given more intellectual, cultural and ideological expression over the time (Berlin, 1998).

The very first African slaves were actually brought to Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. The slaves were treated as indentured servants and released them after a number of years. And apparently, this kind of practice was replaced by the way of a race- based slavery which is used in the Caribbean. When the servants were freed, they became the main rivalry for resources. And the unconstrained servants now have to be replaced. Together with the combined vague nature of the social status of Blacks and the difficulty in the use of any other group of people that are forced servants, drastically led to the relegation of Blacks into slavery. Massachusetts was the first colony to decriminalize slavery in the year 1641 and unfortunately other colonies pursued suit by passing laws that actually...

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