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Description of the Business
Type of business
The name of the business is Sandwich King. It is a Sole Trader. The products are sandwiches.
Mission Statement
My goals are to obtain at least 10% of the market in two to five years and to invest at least $200,000 at the end of each year, to provide economy and quality minded travellers with a premier, moderate priced lodging facility which is consistently perceived as clean, comfortable, well-maintained, and attractive, staffed by friendly, attentive and efficient people. I would like to obtain my goal by selling my products. The employees required at least six months of experience and must have at least five passes from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).
Nature of Business
It is a food industry.

Justification of Location
State location
My restaurant is located at Arapita Avenue, Port of Spain.
Outline three reasons to justify reason
Parking: There is adequate amount of space for parking; the parking space is located just behind the restaurant and not in the road, if people park in the road, there would be traffic, customers getting trouble to get in their vehicles, and such.
Accessibility: It is easy to find since it is located in a very popular street in Trinidad, and if customers like what they eat, then they would tell their companions and their might try it and then that brings an abundance in customers
Unique product: There isn’t any sandwich restaurants in Arapita Avenue, so people would like to try the sandwiches we make.

Selection of appropriate labout

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