Air Asia Travel Agent Report: European Tour

Air Asia Travel Agent Report: European Tour

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Section A


Air Asia Travel Agent


Terms of References
To investigate the effective traveling and the best sites to go. To visit all the branches at suitable times, making the best use of their time. I require all inspectors to be economical in their mileage as well as having meals and breaks at reasonable intervals.

1. By looking at the map given.
2. Interview was held with inspectors.

1. From the map:
• From central London, travel to Lancaster for 12 hours journey and stop there for a night after tiring day of traveling.
• From Lancaster, go to Bradford for 2 hours stop to visit all the places there and after 2 hours break then they goes to Sheffield for having a lunch and a break.
• Then they have to stop at Peterborough, they can have their dinner and spend at Holiday Inn Hotel for a night.
• On 3rd day, they move to Coventry and stop there for 2 hours to have their breakfast and they also can buy gift because this place famous for selling many gift.
• From Coventry, they have to continue their journey to Cardiff for 6 hours of traveling by car. Here they stop again for a night to have their dinner and spend watching their favorite football players on training at night.
• On the next day, they have to travel by using ferry to Bristol and stop there for lunch before they continue their journey.
• From Bristol, they go to Southampton and stop for 2 hours break to visit the interesting places.
• After from Southampton, they have to go back to London.

2. From the Inspectors:
• Spend up to three nights away from home in the hotel accommodation.
• Can spend 2 hours break at each branch.
• Health & Safety are there during normal working hours

We can see that the safety of the sites is very important. The people also can spend up to three nights...

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