Album 3

Album 3

Christopher S Greer

Optimism One

English 101

29 January 2009

All Time Classic Albums: Metallica’s Load

One of the most overlooked records in heavy metal music is Metallica’s sixth full length

album Load released in 1996 after a long pause from worldwide touring, and the multi

platinum success of 1991’s self-titled “Black” album, the boys were back with a new look and

sound and a lot of hardcore and faithful fans began to say, they had sold out. Giving up

their roots of long hair and alcohol fueled music, the new sound seemed like light rock when

compared to earlier achievements such as their debut effort Kill Em’ All or 1986’s metal opus

Master of Puppets. Not the case to a long time dedicated fan like myself.

I see Load as one of Metallica’s greatest alums of all times. Not only for the bands

dedication to writing complex structured songs with classic metal overtones, but it can also be

classified as a rock album too. A melting pot of great songs that is truly unique in head banging

fashion, from metal, and rock, to country inspired songs Load has been one of my all times

favorite album for quite some time now. Why do I think it should be considered a classic?

I’d just like to say “because I do” but not without good argument of course. Though I am having

a hard time trying to compare the whole album to a particular artist, each and every one of

Metallica’s albums are indeed different, but they all sound original.

Being considered contributors to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, with bands like

Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, Metallica formed in Los Angeles in 1981, and were exclusively

influenced by British heavy metal through drummer Lars Ulrich’s collection of UK metal albums.

As I sit and listen to Load there is a lot of American artists influence in each and every one

of their songs. The first track, Ain’t My Bitch opens a classic rock...

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